Initially founded by Fontys University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands), Lillebaelt Academy University of Applied Sciences (Denmark), Cologne Business School (Germany) and BBA INSEEC (France) as a result of a fruitful and strength-combined collaboration, the BELCO Alliance has been growing into an interactive network between European and non-European higher education institutions with a strong international focus.

The BELCO Alliance at a glance

Formally initiated on a trustworthy, reliable and in-depth cooperation the BELCO Alliance was officially established in 2015.

Grew out of the commitment to sustainable and high-quality seeking strategic partnership, the consortium is a reply to an increasing need for a new way of international collaboration between higher education institutions fostering their educational programmes in order to prepare proactive professionals with strong inter-cultural and economic awareness and able to efficiently work and contribute to our global society.

Together BELCO institutions are committed to:

  • Promoting an international academic excellence through an intensive joint collaboration in the fields of education, research and international projects;

  • Creating a sustainable academic, entrepreneurial and innovative environment based on a large network interaction;

  • Enhancing an institutional international reputation by encouraging worldwide multilateral partnerships in countries and areas considered to be strategic priorities;

  • Contributing to new international mobility programmes for students and faculty members;

  • Implementing a joint internationalization strategy and boosting the Alliance institutions’ participation in European and international mobility projects.

Designed to address challenges on a scale that could not be achieved by any partner alone, the Alliance provides the framework for a combination of both collective and individual strategic and bottom-up initiatives and seeks to consolidate higher education community and its relationship with international partners.