After a successful BELCO pre-EAIE meeting in Lyon last year, the BELCO Alliance did visit this year our friends from LAMK University of Applied Sciences in Lahti (Finland). The Board and some members did discuss several topics about the current situation of the Alliance. Currently we are working on two Erasmus+ strategic partnerships projects. One of our biggest challenge is to dissimilate and involve all other BELCO partner institutions to participate those projects and to get more sustainable connected. We as board of the BELCO want to inform our partners on a more regularly and active way.

I would like to thank LAMK for their hospitality but special thanks to Miika, Milla, Petra, Aleksandra, Michael, Silke, Markus, Dmitry and Will for their great input. I felt good and we can continue our work to create opportunities to work on their global employability and global citizenship.

president BELCO Alliance