Fontys University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands) is one of the largest public knowledge institutes in the southern Netherlands offering top quality programmes from undergraduate to graduate level in Arts, Economics, Engineering, Health Care and Teacher Training. The degrees awarded are officially accredited and internationally recognized.

Fontys international course programmes are conducted at campuses located in Eindhoven, Tilburg and Venlo – three regions with strong business communities (i.g. Philipps).

Think bigger

Fontys aims to be an educational institution that is ‘inspiring growth through support & challenges’ and to be an educational organisation at which students can grow and learn to think more laterally, i.e. to ‘think bigger’. Fontys aims to achieve these objectives through the provision of support and challenges to its students, staff and all relevant stakeholders.

The core objective is to promote an organisation-wide mentality that will result in continuous attention for quality improvement in terms of education, content and processes. Fontys focuses on Bachelor education and Master degree programmes financed by the Dutch government. Fontys strives to achieve high quality, embedding its activities solidly within society, whilst achieving a leading position as a knowledge institution, both nationally and in its regional environments.

Research to education

Fontys wants to be an innovation engine by linking its education and research to innovation processes within and outside the regions. The Fontys Research Agenda forms an integral part of the Fontys Quality Agenda for education, whereby research has been positioned in such a way that it contributes to the continual improvement of the quality of education.

The research conducted at Fontys is practice-based and innovative. It targets the renewal and improvement of the professional practice for which education is provided and is elaborated upon in close consultation with professional practice, preferably within regional knowledge networks. Research contributes directly to curriculum innovation. The interaction between education and research contributes to keeping the teaching staff right at the forefront of developments in their subject areas.

National & international cooperation

Fontys has agreements with over 380 partner institutions in more than 60 countries all over the world (some agreements are managed on a central level what enables students and staff from all Fontys Schools to study or teach abroad).

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