The BELCO Alliance Partners

The BELCO Alliance is a young and not-for-profit membership-based network of higher education institutions in Europe and from other parts of the world.

The BELCO Alliance continuously seeks to consolidate higher education community and its relationship with international partners by promoting cooperation among its members and affiliates and providing a “space” in which member representatives can meet, interact and develop their collaborative projects.

The BELCO Institutions have respectively a strong individual partner network what allows to stimulate multilateral connections for further and deep collaboration with existing European and non-European partner institutions as well as to create new ones with new institutions of higher education.

The BELCO Alliance has established a general partnership framework with the following partner institutions.

Participation in the BELCO programmes and collaboration with its partners provide many new and exciting opportunities to students, faculty and staff.

The consortium is inclusive, welcoming the participation of all types of duly accredited higher education institutions which are recognized by appropriate quality assurance and accreditation bodies in their countries of origin.

Please contact us, if you are interested in joining the alliance network with any collaboration proposal.