Student Mobility

Student mobility programmes within a consortium of higher education institutions have proven to be a dynamic, simple and efficient system to foster affordable student exchanges among member institutions.

The programme objective is to facilitate the movement of students by replacing bi-lateral exchanges with one over-arching, multi-lateral exchange, thus eliminating the need for partner institutions to match exchange students one-for-one. By sending into and receiving from a much larger network, participating universities and institutions increase the variety of destinations and coursework available to their students.

BELCO two-week course

The BELCO two-week intensive course is a short-term mobility programme designed for first/second year bachelor students wishing to get their first academic experience abroad. The course is jointly developed by partner institutions and is an integral part of their regular curriculum. Students have an opportunity to be exposed to international faculty members, experience new methods of teaching and work within an international group of students.

BELCO offers the following two-week courses:

  • Cross-Cultural Understanding and Communication at BBA INSEEC Bordeaux / Lyon

  • Introduction to Wine Business at BBA INSEEC Bordeaux

BELCO Module

BELCO Module consists of a jointly developed project involving students from partner institutions working on a real study case during a lapse of time going from 4 up to 12 weeks. Each group of students from partner institutions will be hosting and visiting the other.

BELCO Module is an efficient combination of short-term mobility and interactive and practice-oriented way of learning in an international environment.

BELCO International Semester

The purpose of the BELCO Alliance’s international semester is to increase the internationalization at a non-European higher education institution (HEI) through collaboration with four European HEIs. The international semester programme addresses the international business topics and the student group is a mixture of students from the BELCO Alliance and the non-European partner.

BELCO International Semester at ERC, Vietnam

Summer School

The BELCO Alliance offers students the unique opportunity to gain an extensive insight and understanding of the European innovative business design and management practices in a global context. Based on an international comparative approach given by local and international visiting faculty, the joint up to four-week curriculum, hosted in two-three different locations, addresses different business strategies of leading European companies strong in specific production areas and how the global economic crisis affects them.

BBA INSEEC Summer Programme, Bordeaux-Lyon, France > Published soon…